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Comacadine® and Grolatine® are proprietary DNA-specific phytocannabinoid strains that are scientifically researched and tested for safe use as alternative/biopharmaceutical medicines by people who suffer from diseases such as: Diabetes; Cancer; Sickle Cell Disease; Epilepsy; Chronic Pain; Glaucoma; PTSD; Depression; Schizophrenia; HIV/AIDS; Ulcerative Colitis.

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GrowLab Pharmaceuticals’ biopharmaceutical products are curated from proprietary DNA-specific medical cannabis strains and are developed by expert researchers for medicinal purposes with phytocannabinoid extracts of highest quality that are cGMP compliant.

Specialists, pharmacists, physicians and other wholesale buyers can contact our customer service directly on Our team of trained and experienced experts are at hand to answer any questions and provide further information about our products.

Biopharmaceutical Products

GrowLab Pharmaceuticals produces and distributes cGMP compliant nanoemulsified biopharmaceutical products from proprietary DNA-specific medical cannabis strains.

Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid Extracts

Our innovative phytocannabinoid extracts offer physicians entirely new therapeutic treatment opportunities.

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Safety is extremely important to us! Therefore our products are manufactured in full compliance with EMA cGMP standards.

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Our team of experienced experts are at hand to provide you with comprehensive information about our biopharmaceutical products.

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Phytocannabinoid Formulations

GrowLab Pharmaceuticals’ biopharmaceutical medicines can be recommended and prescribed in the form of capsules or tinctures of high-quality full spectrum phytocannabinoid formulations and dried cannabis flowers among other options. Our phytocannabinoid formulations open up new therapeutic options for doctors to recommend and even prescribe for individual treatment. The constant active ingredient composition and the enclosed dosing pipettes make it easy and precise to use.

Our cGMP compliant production facilities, with controlled tests, guarantee a consistently high quality of phytocannabinoid formulations to synthesise safe and efficacious biopharmaceutical medicines.

Validated for ALL products sold by Growlab Plc

THC / CBD ID test kit

With our THC / CBD ID test set, pharmaceutical staff can easily and reliably prove the identity of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol in THC and / or CBD-containing formulation substances. It consists of a THC rapid test and a CBD rapid test for single use. This makes the ID test set an inexpensive, fast and a special alternative to the previous identity check using thin layer chromatography (TLC) that is suitable for everyday use in pharmacies.

The special thing about our THC / CBD ID test set is that the identity check is not limited to cannabis flowers or cannabis extracts: Our quick test has been validated for all THC and / or CBD-containing recipe substances from Growlab

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Growlab patient ID card

The Growlab patient card supports the patient in being able to prove that he is allowed to possess medicinal cannabis prescribed by the doctor and is entitled to consume it for medical reasons. That creates security and transparency.

Upon application, the attending physician and the dispensing pharmacist confirmed that the medical cannabis product indicated on the front was properly prescribed and legally given to the patient entered on this card.

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