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Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoids Formulations

GrowLab Pharmaceuticals’ phytocannabinoids formulations contain the two main active pharmaceutical ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as all other medicinal compounds of the cannabis plant such as Terpenes.

For the best possible therapy for your patients


In order for the active ingredients to elicit an effect on consumers. It must be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Cannabinoid oil are lipophilic therefore it is necessary to convert into Nanoemulsion.

The convertible product enhances faster absorption making CBD an active ingredient to permeate the digestive tract or skin.

The conversion named Emulsion is multiplying the impact of active ingredients so that patients can experience consistent predictable effect of our extract CBD.

**Patient experience are the same compete bioavailability absorption and extending product shelf life and mitigating product loss due to expiration**


Thanks to controlled tests and high-quality production systems, we can always guarantee the consistently high pharmaceutical quality of our extract


Our full spectrum phytocannabinoids therapies are synthesised exclusively in European Medicines Agency cGMP compliant production facilities.


Dosing pipettes make it easy and precise to use.

Manufacturing Process for Cannabinoid Emulsion

Nanoemulsion is a kinetically stable colloidal dispersion of two immiscible liquids. In reference that means cannabinoid and water soluble solution inside a high powered shear mixer’s under high pressure homogenization compresses into liquid pressure of about 30,000 per square inch, continuously running in integrated process tubular or possible pasteurization, an emulsion is form, which we call Nano-emulsion

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