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Growlab Plc has launched a full-spectrum cannabis extract compiling of CBD, CBX, CBG, TERPEN, & THC with the highest total amount of active ingredients on the International market.


Cannabinoid companies have formed a federal association in Africa


Standardized product varieties

Quality product varieties, our production and partners meet all quality and international standard assurance which guarantee a quantitative, unique range of hybrid homogenous cannabis varieties for the Worldwide market.

Our Philosophy

At Growlab we have history, over the years we have develop seventeen cannabis strings that address various illness most of our string lines are today undergoing various testing in and out of laboratories worldwide, this effort guarantee patients reliability and efficient access to quality safe drugs.

Service for professionals

Detailed information about our products and general question about its medical and pharmacology application? Ask out experts, we are here for you online.
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Growlab Plc


We are one of the leading independent wholesalers of medical cannabis in the Africa.

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All our products comply with the highest quality requirements in accordance with the strict guidelines that are accepted internationally.

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