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Grolatine is Hybrid Cannabis, a genetically modified breed of cannabinoid extracts from a local plant “Gilato” thus genetically named Grolatone. It is a high quality and modified breed of cannabis leaves grown locally thus native name Gilato. Grolatone is cultivated, grown and monitored in a specialized environment under specific weather and conditions (temperature, pressure and humidity).
The plant grows like a flower and has both leaves and flower which when matured, is deflowered, dried, and cured before the final storage in a specific glass jar for 30 days. This storage method gives room for better quality extract during the final process of producing the cannabinoid oil.

Grolatine is rich in both CBD Oil and THC. The THC is good for recreational usage and gives high quality and loud highness as well as stable mood.
The Cannabinoid for this strain has no characteristics of highness, thus making it very good for pharmacological purposes.
The research carried out in University and University Teaching Hospital shows the pharmaco-medical importance of Cannabinoid oil grolatone in treatment of pain crisis for sickle cell disease.
Molecular structure of Cannaabinoil from Grolatone which is employed in treatment of pain crisis in sickle cell disease patient is shown.


Sickle Cell Anemia and Grolatone Cannabinoid Oil: Effects on Pain & the Immune System

Sickle cell anemia is caused by a genetical mutation in red blood cells where amino acids valine replaces glutamine in position 6 of β chain of haemoglobin that causes them to become misshapen and unable to carry oxygen through the body.

One hundred thousand Africans are estimated to be suffering from sickle cell anemia, or sickle cell disease. As an inherited disease, this condition occurs when a child receives the trait from both parents.

At present, there are two known cures for the illness: stem cell transplant or bone marrow transplant. While these treatments are known to work, there are side effects and risks associated with them, including death. Fortunately, Cannabinoil oil may reduce the need for these procedures by making the symptoms of sickle cell anemia more manageable.

Sickle Cell Pain

Sickle cell is a genetically inherited disorder whereby valine replaces glutamine in position 6 of Beta chain of Amino acid chain of Hemoglobin.

This abnormal replacement of amino acid valine instead of glutamine makes the hemoglobin to change its shape.

The hemoglobin is the carrier that transports Red blood cells in the body normally. When the shape becomes distorted the Red blood cell will change its shape from normal spherical to abnormal sickling shape.

This abnormal sickle shape makes it difficult for blood to pass freely in the vessels.

Arteries ——> arterioles ——> capillaries ——> venule ——> vein

The difficulty in the movement of these abnormal sickle shape of red blood cells will make the blood to start accumulating in a particular place in the microvasculature. The pressures trying to move the sickling blood cells lead to pain and tissue ischemic reaction at the particular part of the body which is known as sickle cell pain crisis.

The intensity of the pain ranges from a mild pain to a moderate pain up to a severe pain. Sometimes the pain could be more severe that most opioid analgesic cannot abate it.


Mechanism of action of grolatone CBD oil.

Cannabioil oil of Grolatone at low dose 0.5mls causes smooth muscle relaxation and generalized vasodilation.
These actions of generalized vasodilation and smooth muscle relaxation; widening the vessels allowing blood to flow freely inside the vessels. Both the normal and abnormal shaped ones will move freely into the vessels, thus no room for aggregation of the abnormal sickled red blood cells in a particular vessel that can cause pain, and the patient will move freely and happily.

There are many clinical trials underway to assess the effect of CBD for various medical conditions, such as Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) investigating CBD. These (RCTs) investigating the effect of CBD oil has not been completed because the Agency (National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration NAFDAC) is yet to officially approve it, even though sickle cell disease (SCD) is seeking symptom relief with Cannabioil oil.

It is only these two conditions the RCTs investigating the effect of CBD have been completed.

1. Cannabioil oil for acute Vasoclusive crisis in sickle cell (pain crisis).
2. Cannabioil oil for reduction of bone inflammation and infection in sickle cell anemia (pain crisis).

Cannabioil oil from Grolatone has a good safety profile and has low risk of side effect and also can interact with some common medications. So it is surely and certified as the safest option for treatment of sickle cell pain crisis.

There are different ways to use Cannabioil oil, but for our research, it is been used as a drop; and this drop will provide a consistent dose every time, and it works as a daily wellness regimen of 0.5mls per drop.


Thanks to controlled tests and high-quality production systems, we can always guarantee the consistently high pharmaceutical quality of our extract


Our cannabis extract is produced exclusively in GMP-certified production facilities within Africa


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