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Growlab Cannabis Research Institute

Growlab Cannabis Institute is the advanced training concept of Growlab. We support you in keeping your up-to-date knowledge flexible regardless of your location.

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Growlab Cannabis Institute

Our professional education is designed to help students gain specialized skills and knowledge to meet the demand of a trained workforce at the forefront of a booming cannabis business. Our courses are developed in consultation with professionals in the industry who focus on the best practices within the regulatory compliance. Our online courses are taught by experienced professionals.


Growlab courses provide students with the foundational skills necessary to excel in cannabis industry. Benefits include

Learning from professionals working in the industry

Demonstrating workplace competences to potential employers

Online delivery. Open to anyone anywhere

Worldwide Recognized Certificate of completion provided for all courses


Format: Online, Classroom

Duration: Courses run for 16 weeks, each course requires approximately 16Hours of study per week

Courses are intended to be completed by anyone working full time and the hours for completion are somewhat flexible within determined timeless. All courses materials are provided at no additional cost.

Medical Cannabis Course Curriculum

Certification Program for Cannabis Provider

Medical Cannabis Curriculum

Endocannabinoid system how & why cannabis work

Pharmacology of cannabis

Importance of Terpenes

Cannabis therapeutic effects

Adverse effects of cannabis

Dosage of Medical Cannabis

Dosing and absorption

Interactions and Consumer safety

Substance use disorder and intoxication

Dosage Protocols and Methodologies

Cannabis dosing principle

Dose response effects and the therapeutic windows

Treatment strategies

Combining THC, CBD and choosing strains

Benefits of Psychoactivity

Non Psychoactive strategies

General guidelines for patient types

Conditional treatment and example cases

Fostering healing without practicing medicine

What is CBD and how does it work?

Receptor and ion channels, transporters and enzymes mechanism

Proven therapeutic effect of CBD

Other applications for CBD addition and craving, brain injury, bone injury, depression sleep, topical applications cancer and glaucoma

Effect and interaction of CBD

Purchasing CBD products

CBD dosing and delivery methods

Growlab Cannabis Institute

Certificate in Cannabis Studies


Introduction to Cannabis 101A
History of Cannabis 101B
Cannabis Cultivation 102
Cannabis Processing 103
Medical Cannabis 104
Industrial Cannabis 105
Fundamental of Cannabis Business 106
Pest Management for Cannabis Production 107
Cannabis Pharmacognosy 108
Economics of Cannabis 109
Cannabis Legislation and Quality Assurance 110


The purpose of this course is to introduce beginners to horticulture, greenhouse, indoor and plant life diversity. Also teach students the basic science of plant diversity, growth, propagation and production of cannabis


This course will cover topic related to breeding, growing, and harvesting of cannabis flower, student will be required to investigate the cultivation and processing of cannabis starting from seeds to diversity of end products for global market


The course focuses on understanding the endocannabinoid system and properties of THC and CBD exploring the routes of administration, side effects and contra- indication of medicinal cannabis and drawing upon real patients with cases of common ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression and cancer. The course highlights:

  • History of cannabis and medical acceptance

  • Cancer symptomatic treatment

  • Anxiety insomnia and depression


This course introduces students to the components of cannabis plant and the resultant biosynthetic pathways that form active and inactive agents. Students will learn the genetic basis for the differences in components between different strains and subsequent impart on medicinal efficacy, as well as the role the plant components have on entourage effect.

This course will develop participants the skill to evaluate cannabis from a mechanistic and pharmacologic perspective with the ultimate goal of providing the most appropriate cannabis regime for individual patients.


With valuable information on strategic identification of pests and disease treatment and prevention, students will learn the concepts and lay-out the best practices for implementing IPM program in a commercial cannabis facility from greenhouse to a totally controlled growing environments specific to the cultivation of cannabis investigation into major workshop and discussion on insects diseases, mites commonly present in commercial greenhouses as applied to commercial cannabis production. The workshop is designed for existing and future professional growers and retailers involved in the legal production and sale of commercial cannabis.


This course serve as a literature with an in-depth understanding of cannabis history from 2900BC to modern day, the course will cover the uses of cannabis and hemp and their historical agricultural and cultural importance. The prohibition of cannabis and subsequent cannabis law reform and the inconsistence in Federal Cannabis Policy worldwide taking sample from first world to third world


The programme is designed to teach students how to process cannabis with thorough understanding of chemistry, physics and processes involved in producing crude cannabis oil and refining the oil into various products. The course is designed to benefit beginners and experienced growers and processors


Program uses most vivid-illustration to teach student how to grow, harvest, process and market wholesale cannabis seed, bud, CBD, THC, HEMP fiber flower


Our Cannabis business strategy course covers a wide range of issues that a student of Growlab Cannabis Institute entering the cannabis industry needs to understand. Students will learn about various business phases of modern day cannabis operations including licensing finance, accounting, technology, production, marketing and distribution role in the emerging global market as well as the trends, opportunities and challenges in the medical and recreational markets.


Students will learn about the current state of cannabis legislation, the cannabis act, the farm bill in December 2018 and the basics for ensuring government compliance around the production of cannabis. They will also explore how quality assurance and quality control are effectively used throughout the growth of cannabis and the importance of standard operating procedures, and also the role they play in cannabis production.

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