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Comacadine is a genetic diploid indica breed with zero or minimal THC. It is an active ingredient gotten from cured cocomacadine. Cocomacadine is a vegetable grown in a particular village between Akwa-Ibom and Cross Rivers state called Kokomakadin. This village has been growing the leaf over the years and they use it as an herbal medicine to calm down patients or victims with mood elevation i.e., to calm the mood down.

They practice it raw, by just squeezing the leaf with warm water and giving the victim or patient to drink. The resultant effect is immediate, though there is no scientific modification and record of its efficiency, potency and variance. No known record of its dose and dosage.

So it derives its native name from the village KOKOMAKADI and the botanical name COCOMACADINE and generic Comacadine


The plant grows in a particular season of the year (raining season) mainly between May-June. This means that it thrives well and better at a particular weather condition i.e., at a certain temperature, pressure, humidity, light etc.

The deflowered leaf can be smoked when cured, but it doesn’t generate high effect because of zero THC but it is high in CBD oil.

The health benefit of Comacadine

Comacadine is very effective in treatment of diabetic wound healing and the reduction of high blood pressure. A comprehensive study in progress.

Mechanism of Action

It is systemic and acts via peripheral circulation, carbenoid from comacadine increases the peripheral vessels dilation especially microvasculature arterioles – capillaries – vessels. This increases the peripheral blood flow and circulations of nutrients to the part of the body that is far away from the heart – ankles-feet and chin. This is also the part of the body that is mainly prone to diabetics wound (ulcers). This distal part of the body is poor in blood supply – because it is mainly covered by tenders and skin. This vasodilatory effect of CBD oil of cocomacadine increases blood flow, which reduces pressure from heart pumping.

Mechanism of action of CBD oil Comacadine

Its cannabinoids exert its effect via interaction with the CB1R (endocannabinoid type 1 receptor) and CB2R (endocannabinoid type 2 receptor). CB1Rs are abundant in the brain, and are in regions associated with pain, memory, calmness among others, and CB2R are mostly found in the periphery on immune cell lymphoid tissue, and peripheral nerve terminals.

CB1R and CB2R interact with endogenous ligands including anandamides, which are arachidonic acid derivatives. The endogenous system modulates neuronal activity via cyclic amp, ca2 transport, and K+ ions and is thought to be associated with opioid, GABAergic, dopaminergic and several other systems via reduces chronic neuropathic pain of diabetic wound, chronic malignant ulcer pains and produces calmness and stabilization of brain.


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