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Growlab is the largest and most successful independent wholesaler of medical cannabis in Lesotho. We are license to handle all form of Cannabis, In addition to official Certified quality assurance system in accordance with GDP Standard (Good Distribution Practice).

With a unique product portfolio and cooperation with various international related companies, we are not only strengthen our independent position as Cannabis Strains Developer but also use our expertise in business and the comprehensive expansion of a distribution network Worldwide.

Our focus is ensuring medical care for patients, providing information in the professional context and satisfying our customers want and need. We look forward to our customer with desire to expand Worldwide with high-quality medical cannabis products in partnership.


Since 1982 our team of cannabis growers have developed and experimented on over 17 strains of cannabis researching its medicinal, pharmacology and cosmetics application.
Growlab is possibly the most reliable, innovative, independent, quality conscious and responsible International cannabis company in the world


At Growlab, we have license to handle narcotics, issued by the State Government of Lesotho. Our license covers Cannabis Cultivation, Harvesting, Processing, Extraction, Import and Export of Cannabis bulk sales, finish products of extraction CBD + THC etc. to consumer pharmaceutical and Medicinal companies. Our license include right of advertisement, marketing and promotion.


Our promise to the state of Lesotho and the world is to help produce bulk products suitable for pharmacological and medicinal industries, creating jobs by strategically setting new standards for sustainable development that would impact community and the rest of the world

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    As we rely on all our workers to create customer satisfaction.


    To date we have completed 2 EU-GMP application leading to certification and currently support 3 partner.


    We understand the regulatory requirements at a national and international level and support our partners in understanding and implementing all relevant requirements.


    We are experienced with pharmaceutical standards and support selected companies to achieve EU-GMP certification for their production facilities.

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